The Urban Twitter

TBWA was the last agency to move to Lisbon’s advertising district. With their top competitors already there, they decided to showcase their creativity by turning 19 windows of their office into a 36m long twitter billboard.

The video below does not explain how exactly the people were encouraged to send in their tweets, but it does show that people tweeted about politics, taxes, Europe, Merkel’s visit etc. In the end all the window tweeting created quite a stir in the local media.


Live Human Outdoor

With the new Samsung Note 10.1, caricature artists can now go digital. To highlight this feature and also raise awareness about the tablet, Samsung put a real caricature artist digitally into their billboard and then had him draw live caricatures of passers-by. The finished drawings were then put on the Samsung Portugal Facebook page.


Cobblestone QR Codes

To get into the minds of tourists, Turismo de Portugal decided to fuse the QR Code technology with Portugal’s historical cobblestone tradition. As a result they ended up creating the worlds first QR Code made from Portuguese cobblestones.

The first QR Code was embedded in the city grounds of Lisbon, followed by Barcelona which holds the distinction of being the world’s most visited city. The resounding success of the campaign has led to plans of similar QR Codes being embedded in cities like Berlin, Paris, Tokyo, New York, Viena, Goa, Lima, Oslo…