Nike Phenomenal Shot

Social media and mobile devices have driven fundamental changes in consumer behavior and opened up new avenues for consumers to engage with brands. The need to move faster is greater now than it has ever been. Hence more and more brands around the world have been learning from social media and deploying real time digital and traditional media strategies.

During the recently concluded World Cup in Brazil, Google teamed up with Nike to generate eight different real time campaigns that allowed fans to celebrate, remix and share memorable sports moments, just seconds after they happened. As a result Nike got over two million fan interactions across 200 different countries.

To try it out yourself hop over to

Coca-Cola Interactive Mini Bottles

Coca-Cola has recently launched 20 special edition mini bottles to get fans around the world excited about the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup, which will take place in Brazil from June 12th to July 13th.

The bottles come wrapped in flags of countries that have hosted the World Cup previously i.e. Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, USA, England, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, Japan and South Korea, as well as the three upcoming host countries Brazil, Russia and Qatar – plus two special Coca-Cola editions.

Coca-Cola fans can also create and send special messages and avatars to other bottle owners through Facebook and iPhone or Android apps. In addition, special markers on the bottles activate augmented reality animations when held up to a smartphone camera.

BBM Channels

Who has 1 Billion users and is about to overtake Facebook? It’s not Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn. It’s a company that most people in the West don’t know. That, however, is set to change, with the explosive growth of China’s Tencent and its mobile messaging app WeChat…

Source: WorldOfCEOs, JPMorgan, Credit Suisse, Bloomberg & company announcement

On November 13th, Snapchat rejected the $3 billion acquisition offer from Facebook. These are all signs that tell us that the battle for social dominance is going to take place via mobile chat apps. Brands however are finding it difficult to reach their audience through these apps as most of them don’t allow in app advertising. This has lead to creation of experimental campaigns as seen on WhatsApp from Klick Chocolate and Absolut Vodka.

Now BlackBerry has announced that it is bringing BBM Channels into open beta. BBM Channels is going to be a separate part of their BBM app where users will be able to follow and converse with their favorite brands and businesses. Users will be able to like, comment and share content posted by a BBM Channel, or enter a one-to-one private chat session with the owner or manager of the page. It will also be possible to subscribe to a BBM Channel and receive notifications when new content is uploaded.

The update is available as of yesterday on handsets running BlackBerry OS 5 and above. It will hit iOS and Android in the coming months.

I think this will simplify things drastically for brands, as reaching and engaging with the target audience in their favorite chat app will help them achieve a top of mind presence. This for sure will spur on the competitors like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat etc. 😎


Tweet a Coffee

In March 2012, Amex card members could sync their credit cards with their Twitter account and then re-tweet offers from Amex to load them onto their card. Now fast forward to 2013 and Starbucks USA is allowing its customers to “Tweet a Coffee”.

In the current beta version, the first 100,000 US based customers can tweet $5 Starbucks Card eGifts to Twitter friends and followers. All it takes is to link ones Starbucks and Twitter account and then tweet…@tweetacoffe to @TheirNameHere.

Based in USA? Click here to get started. 😎

Heineken Departure Roulette En Route

In July I had written about the Departure Roulette campaign from Heineken and Wieden + Kennedy which sent daring passengers somewhere totally new and exotic with the push of the red button. Now with the Departure Roulette En Route version, they tapped into the tweets and social conversations around the first stunt to produce a smart follow up stunt.

Heineken tracked down the people who had tweeted about Departure Roulette wishing that they were also dropping everything to travel to a mystery destination and offered a lucky few the chance to play Departure Roulette right there and then…

Cornetto Love Plane

Summer is the season of crazy unexplainable romances. So Cornetto decided to launch the Love Plane in Spain which had a Twitter based banner feed attached to it.

Summer lovers who wanted to declare their love both online and in the sky could do so by tweeting with the hashtag #cornettoskytweet. The most popular tweets were then painted on the banner and flown over the beach. To keep things interesting the banner on the plane was changed every 15 minutes.

The Urban Twitter

TBWA was the last agency to move to Lisbon’s advertising district. With their top competitors already there, they decided to showcase their creativity by turning 19 windows of their office into a 36m long twitter billboard.

The video below does not explain how exactly the people were encouraged to send in their tweets, but it does show that people tweeted about politics, taxes, Europe, Merkel’s visit etc. In the end all the window tweeting created quite a stir in the local media.

Fiat 500 America TwitBid

Fiat unveiled an exclusive limited edition run of 500 cars inspired by U.S. style at the Geneva Motor Show. Then through a Twitter based auction they made it possible to win the “number one” car (distinguished by a badge on the external pillar bearing the serial number 1/500 and the winner’s Twitter nickname) starting from a bid of €1.

To win the Fiat, participants were directed to follow @fiatontheweb on Twitter and then place a bid at using their Twitter account. As a result Fiat received 700 bids from 293 users, across 11 countries. A twitter follower with a bid of €15,165 was declared the winner of the limited edition Fiat 500 America.

One Small Tweet

Neil Armstrong was the astronaut that took one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind. He was also the man who delivered on John F. Kennedy’s promise to be the first to the lunar surface.

Neil passed away in August 2012 and to honor his remarkable life, The Martin Agency in USA created the One Small Tweet, a 238,855 mile-long virtual voyage to the moon. To get there, they used the power of tweets written by admirers from around the world. Each tribute was hashtagged with #onesmalltweet and aggregated on Every tweet helped fuel the virtual voyage by 100 miles.

Happy Holiday Videos 2012

Welcome back! Hope everyone had a great holiday season. Now for a great start to 2013! 🙂

Taking off from my last post, here are a series of holiday action videos created by ad agencies around the world in their lead up to Christmas 2012…

Reindeer Races by VML Australia

A reindeer race where VML pited friends against friends, reindeer against reindeer, in a special Christmas showdown…

Maurice Lévy’s Digital Wishes by Publicis Groupe

Maurice Lévy, the chairman and chief executive of Publicis Groupe traditionally records a holiday greeting-card video. This year through a special deal with YouTube, Publicis modified the function buttons of the video player, and embed tricks into what seemed like another long boring address by an ad industry veteran…

Carol of the Bells by AKQA

To celebrate the holidays, AKQA teamed up with members of the Pacific Chamber Symphony and Music Director Lawrence Kohl to create a synchronized mobile orchestra…

TwinterWonderland by 360i

To celebrate the arrival of the holiday season and provide assistance to those affected by Hurricane Sandy, 360i wanted to do something big. So for every #TwinterWonderland tweet they received, 360i donated $5 to an aid organization helping with the post-Sandy cleanup effort…

25th Anniversary Holiday CompuCard by TBWA\TORONTO

To celebrate their 25th anniversary, TBWA\TORONTO brought in their digital expert from 1988 who then through an e-card tried to capture the spirit of their past along with their digital future…

Buzzed Buzzer by Havas Worldwide Chicago

The first New Years Eve noise maker that only works when you’re drunk…

Christmas carol played on food by FullSIX Spain

To wish happy new year to customers and friends, FullSIX transformed typical Spanish christmas food into a carol playing piano…

The Snow Machine by Weapon7

Passers-by were invited to Tweet #snow to @thesnowmachine Twitter account. For every tweet received the machine gave ten seconds of snow flurry. The event ran all day, was seen by thousands of people and generated over one thousand tweets…