BMW Christmas Safety Card

To wish their customers a new year of safe driving, BMW together with ad agency AIR and electronics company Selectron created a Christmas card that was meant to be hung in the car.

A micro sensor was built into the card to measure the driving behavior and react with a spoken message (Ho! Ho! Hooo! Just like Santa!) when the car was driven unsafely. The sensor measured the G-forces and reacted when the car accelerated too much, or when it braked or drove too quickly through bends.

These limited-edition Christmas cards were sent to members of the BMW M League who recently bought their car and participated in the BMW Track Days.


BMW Films – “The Escape”

BMW Films has teamed up with Academy Award nominated director Neill Blomkamp (“District 9,” “Elysium”) to create an action-packed short film to promote the new upcoming 2017 BMW 5 Series.

The story centers around a young girl simply named “Five”, played by Dakota Fanning, who is the subject of seemingly illegal experiments. With the FBI cracking down on the company responsible for such experiments, Oscar nominated actor Clive Owen plays the nameless transporter who is hired to get Five out of there. The action ensues…


The Thrill Bench

During the Geneva Motor Show 2012, Mini came up with a novel way to get people talking about their new Mini Countryman. A special vibrating bench was installed on the streets. Every time someone sat on the bench, a Mini would sneak up from behind and rev up the engine. The bench in turn would vibrate and get some great reactions…


BMW Flash Projection

German ad agency Serviceplan was given the challenge to turn young potential motorbikers into fans of the BMW Motorrad, by staging the brand in an unseen and fascinating way.

So they came up with the first cinema commercial that does not use a directly visible logo. During an exciting Superbike commercial they illuminated the BMW logo with a harmless photo flash onto the audience’s eyes. When the audience was asked to close their eyes at the end of the ad, they were surprised to see the BMW logo as an after image. With this BMW literally got inside people’s heads – involving them instead of boring them.

People who visited the movie shows were fascinated by this innovative performance. BMW Motorrad got a lot of positive feedback, especially excited comments on various biker blogs. Even film critics wrote about the event in their reviews. And of course there were several reports on TV.

At the pre-season opening of the BMW Motorrad a significant number of younger people asked for information material about Ruben Xaus and his Superbike…the BMW S 1000 RR. The S 1000 RR then went on to be sold out till September 2010. A huge success in midst of a declining bike market.


The BMW Light Wall Reflection

BMW asked Serviceplan from Munich, Germany to develop an idea for the BMW M3 Coupe as they had a very special billboard at the Hamburg airport – a 50x2m light wall in the middle of the arrivals hall.

For a car that exceeds limits, Serviceplan created a billboard that exceeds limits. They designed a headline out of half letters. To complete them they used the reflection on the shiny floor.

They not only managed to double the media space for free and but also doubled the attention for free!