Creature Greeter

How do you keep visitors waiting at your office reception busy? Art house ‘Creature of London’ had an idea of an avatar based check-in app that would keep visitors occupied for 2-3 minutes each time they arrived at their office.

Visitors were paired with a creature through facial recognition and on a repeat visit the app would automatically recognize the visitor while offering them a playful choice of reasons for checking-in to the office.

Digital screens placed throughout the building also allowed the released creatures to roam free and interact with each other in an environment that matched the local weather and time of day.

To complete the experience, visitors also received a ticket receipt representing their check-in. After collecting 5 receipts, visitors could exchange them for a jar of Creature’s home made honey.


You LOL You Lose

Frijj a UK based milkshake brand and Iris Worldwide have developed a campaign that helps people build their tolerance to the unexpected. Why? So that Frijj’s new flavours…honeycomb choc swirl, jam doughnut and sticky toffee pudding won’t knock them flat.

So they have created an advergame that pits you against friends from your social networks, in a challenge of who can keep a straight face for the longest period of time while their web app plays you some funny and weird YouTube videos.

Would you like to give it a try? Then go for it at