The Friendly Preroll Campaign


How do you make a sitcom like Friends, which went off the air 12 years ago—a year before YouTube even existed—seem relevant to YouTube users today?

Netflix who had recently acquired the rights to stream all 10 seasons, decided to launch a nostalgic Pre-Roll campaign by tagging thousands of videos with “Friends” clips. The insight being: no matter what you search for on YouTube, there is always something in “Friends” related to it.

Scrabble WiFi

There are places in Paris where you can’t get any Internet connection. So Ogilvy Paris setup free Wifi hotspots in these areas and incentivised people to make use of the wifi by first playing a short game of ‘Scrabble WiFi’.

Once the user proved his spelling skills, the score from the word was converted into free wifi minutes. The higher you scored, the longer the connection. Sharing the score on Facebook also doubled the connection time.

Europcar Crush Hour

Ogilvy Paris was entrusted to drive acquisition for Europcar’s Auto Liberte, a service that aims to have you rent cars instead of buying them. So, they devised a wicked prank in which they towed away unsuspecting people’s cars, while replacing them with crushed cube cars, and a number to call for help. 😆 The phone number given was of a local radio station that was broadcasting live to everyone in Paris!