The Brightest Online Ad

Publicis Germany to promote Lupine’s bike lighting system created a unique promotion with BIKE Online Magazine.

Subscribers of BIKE could only read their magazine if they turned on the Lupine Bike Lamp. This tweak to the magazine gave 100% attention to Lupine. Readers who shared the idea in their social networks automatically distributed a link to a sneak preview of the magazine where the Lupine Lamp illuminated only a small part of the magazine. To read the whole magazine users were asked to order a trial subscription.


Interactive iPad Ads

New research from the IAB has shown that when it comes to advertising on tablets, interactivity is the key. So here are some of the trendy interactive ads that have appeared on the iPad…

White Collar

In a simple use of touch screen technology, users were asked to solve a puzzle by dragging an icon across the screen to locate answers to questions displayed in the banner…

Volkswagen Park Assist

To experience the Volkswagen Tiguan’s Park Assist, users were made to touch two targets on the screen. The car on the screen then reversed and parked itself between the targets…

Visa Signature

Built in HTML5, the ad presents users with a virtual wallet that allows them to look through and plan a holiday, buy theatre / cinema tickets, or reserve a hotel…


Using the slogan ‘Filled with People’, the ad allowed users to drag the slider across the screen and see how an unfinished Toyota car moved through the factory floor while being assembled by various mechanics…


Microsoft wanted to let developers know that Windows Azure was designed to allow code to be created in the cloud. So they came up with an iAd that allowed readers to alter its code, which in turn changed its layout…


Bradesco Insurance – Fake Ad

Bradesco an insurance company created a cheeky ad in the iPad version of the Quatro Rodas, a Brazilian car magazine. When the readers of the digital magazine swiped the fake ad, the car actually went in the direction of the swipe and crashed into the side of the screen, unveiling the message “Unexpected events happen without warning. Make an insurance plan.”


Slide to Unlock

AlmapBBDO Brazil has developed a very unique and innovative iAd for the new Brazilian Audi magazine app. The ad seen in the video below appeared in various publications on the iPad and used a nice play on Apple’s “Slide to Unlock” feature to engage the users.

Users who saw the ad instantly recognized the swipe gesture used to unlock Apple devices. So after racing their finger around the track, they were rewarded with a free download of the first Audi Magazine copy from the app store.

Before I could publish this post I came across another “Slide to Unlock” iAd! It seems this iOS feature is becoming a popular creative feature for iAds. In the below example, Amnesty International has created an iAd in Sweden’s largest newspaper, DN, where readers were presented with an image of a prison cell and prisoner inside. “Slide to Unlock” was used to open the prison cell and reveal a strong call to action to join Amnesty International as an activist.


Interactive iPad ad for VGT

VGT (an association combating animal factories) in collaboration with Austrian ad agency Demner Merlicek & Bergmann, created an iAd for the iPad version of DATUM magazine.

In the iAd you could see a young lady wearing a fur coat. When the iPad user would want to continue browsing by making the finger-wipe movement he would find that every finger-wipe would leave behind blood stains on the fur. The more he tried, the more blood would appear.


iPhone app from AXA Insurance

AXA is Belgium’s first insurance company to launch an iPhone app. Their free application helps and guides you through some basic steps when you have a car accident.

To launch this new app agency Duval Guillaume Antwerp / Modem from Belgium created an innovative print ad that required your iPhone to complete the message. 😎