The Troll Ad Button

To promote the new season of The Noite (a show hosted by one of Brasil’s most popular comedian), Publicis Brasil came up with a new button on YouTube. For the first time they created a campaign where people could choose between a “Skip Ad” and “Troll this ad” button. This tweak to the YouTube pre-roll ads resulted in 4 times more video views for the campaign.


Unmanned aircrafts have been used to carry out military strikes, to film weddings and someday will even be used someday to deliver products from companies like Amazon, Netflix, Francesco’s Pizzeria and Flower Delivery Express.

Until the legalities of commercial use are cleared up by the local governments, companies in Russia and Brazil have gone ahead and created the first of their kind drone-vertising campaigns…


As ordinary advertising channels continue to be congested, Russian creative agency Hungry Boys used drones to advertise noodle company Wokker.

Wokker banners were attached to drones and launched around high-rise business buildings in Moscow’s financial district, drawing the attention of hundreds of people as they flew past office windows. This resulted in deliveries in the campaigned area to go up by 40%.


Cup Noodles, the instant ramen noodles snack from Nissin-Ajinomoto, is being promoted in Brazil with the launch of drones with cows, chickens, corn cobs and shrimps. The two and a half minute film created by Dentsu Brazil for the brands online campaign, uses drones to take the instant noodles to surfers, skateboarders and highline walkers as they practice their sport.

Stock Car Transformer

To promote V-Power Ethanol as the official fuel of Brazil’s Stock Car (motorsport) series, Shell created an eye catching stunt that used a large invisible digital screen at a gas station. So when drivers pulled up for gas, the screen instantly transformed their regular cars into real race cars…

The Goal Screen

To capitalize on the lead up of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Brazilian fast food chain Giraffas created a mobile game that turned their tray papers into a virtual soccer field. To play, the consumers had to rip the side of the paper tray, make a paper ball and flick it into their mobile screens. 😎

7 million tray papers were printed and the game was made possible by using the smartphone camera to recognize the ball distance, accelerometer to identify the trajectory of the kick and the microphone to recognize the area of the impact.

Nivea Solar Ad Charger

To promote the Nivea sun screen range, Draftfcb Brazil developed a magazine ad with actual solar panels and a USB port. This transformed the ad into a whole new Nivea product that beach goers in Brazil could use to charge their phones. 🙂

Sun. Beach. Sunscreen. Mobile Phone. Solar charger. It all ties together quite nicely. Don’t you think?

Hellmann’s Recipes

Last year Hellmann’s in Brazil came up with a novel way to encourage consumers to use their mayonnaise for more than just sandwiches. The brand teamed up with supermarket chain St Marche to install special software in 100 of its cash registers. The software then recognized when consumers bought Hellmann’s and tracked other items they were buying. At the time of payment it printed recipes that combined several of the ingredients on the receipt. In the first month alone of the three month experiment, sales increased by 44%.

Now for their new campaign, shopping carts at Pão de Açúcar shopping center in São Paulo were mounted with special NFC enabled touchscreen devices. So when consumers walked through the various aisles, the touchscreen automatically detected what was on the nearby shelf and suggested an appropriate recipe.

This way the customers constantly discovered new receipies that used Hellmann’s mayonnaise. If the recipe was liked, the customer could further interact with the display to find the location of the necessary ingredients in the store, or share the recipe with friends via email.

As a result 45,000 customers were involved in the campaign and sales rose by almost 70 percent.

Innovative video campaigns

In the last week or so I came across two campaigns that used video to innovatively deliver their message…

Volkswagen Hidden Frame

The Volkswagen Side Assist feature helps drivers avoid accidents by showing other vehicles when they are in the side mirror’s blind spot. So to drive home the message AlmapBBDO developed a film that used YouTube’s play bar to show the difference the VW Side Assist made in people’s lives.

No Means No

Amnesty Norway in an attempt to change the Norwegian law on sexual assault and rape, developed a film that used a custom video player to pop up the key message. The campaign was a success and the law is about to change, as a direct consequence of the campaign.

The full version of the video can be experienced here.

British Airways Barcode Reader Ad


Many Brazilians are unaware that British Airways (BA) flies to other destinations besides the UK. So to raise awareness, BA decided to spread the message at the very moment people considered traveling i.e. in the travel section of a book store.

To know the price of the books people at the book store had to scan them on a barcode reader. That is when these potential BA travellers received the message from the airline informing them to fly to other destinations with them.

Billboard On Hold Jam Session

Billboard Magazine features the best of pop music and entertainment in Brazil, and according to them waiting on hold is one the most boring music moments ever. So their ad agency AlmapBBDO created the “On Hold Jam Session” that made the moment into a fun interactive experience and showed the magazine’s concept of music and entertainment.

To make the magazine subscribers aware of this new on hold feature, they sent direct mails explaining how one could jam along with their phone buttons when they were put on hold at Billboard Magazine.

Bradesco Insurance – Fake Ad

Bradesco an insurance company created a cheeky ad in the iPad version of the Quatro Rodas, a Brazilian car magazine. When the readers of the digital magazine swiped the fake ad, the car actually went in the direction of the swipe and crashed into the side of the screen, unveiling the message “Unexpected events happen without warning. Make an insurance plan.”