Happy Beer Time

Nowdays people like to go out, take photos and share it on Instagram. So Carlsberg along with Danish agency Konstellation decided to put a social twist to the well known concept of Happy Hour.

To ensure that people at bars in Denmark continued buying Carlsberg, they asked them to snap an Instargram photo and tag it with #barname and #happybeertime. The successfully tagged photos then helped extend the Happy Beer Time clock which in turn allowed everyone at the bar to drink Carlsberg at a discounted price.

Budweiser was however the first to pioneer this Happy Hour 2.0 concept in August 2012. But Carlsberg is the one that managed to connect it to social media.


Like hunting

In the last months there have been cases of people uploading photos on Facebook and successfully asking for 1 million likes. So keeping that in mind, Doctors Without Borders decided to turn their campaign idea “good intentions don’t save lives” on its head and actually make people’s intentions count.

Through a special Facebook app people could create a post and ask their friends for likes while donating 1 Danish Kroner to Doctors without Borders for each like they got. Each collection was run for 48 hours and only likes from your own Facebook friends counted. By setting a maximum amount you could also make sure you dont go bankrupt. If your friends were too slow, you could also simply decide to donate more.

At the end of each donation drive people could post a picture saying thank you to all their friends who helped them donate. The campaigns success has already made it a permanent solution and can still be found running for people who want to turn their friends likes into donation.


LEGO Happy Holiplay

To create positive attention around the LEGO brand during December 2012, a global digital social campaign was created that challenged people to take their imagination with the well known LEGO bricks one step further and share the results via digital media.

The campaign was dubbed ‘Happy Holiplay’ and was run for three weeks. LEGO fans from 119 countries participated actively and uploaded pictures to the campaign website.