The world’s first emotionally powered store

To help tackle the stress of Christmas present-buying, eBay with the help of American technology firm Lightwave, opened a pop-up store in central London that aimed to inspire shoppers to reconnect with the emotional spirit of giving. By using intelligent bio-analytic technology and facial coding, eBay recorded which products provoked the strongest feelings of giving. Then through personalised emotion reports they suggested the gift that stirred the most feeling.

Durex Dual Screen Ads

Last year, Durex UK created a new way for its viewers to interact with its TV ad. Viewers who used the Durex Explore mobile app [iTunes or Google Play] while watching the ad on their TV or computer, got a steamy alternative on their second screen.

Then on Valentine’s Day this year, they released a steamy radio spot that also used the same Durex Explore app to provide listeners with a similar steamy video experience on their smartphone or tablet. To exprience it click here.

Gift of Home for the Holidays


It’s that time of the year again! So here is my last and very Christmassy post for the year. 😉

Since Christmas is the season of giving, Air Canada decided to spread a little love to unsuspecting Canadian’s at a local Canadian bar in London. At the bar two Air Canada pilots talked to several Canadians about how they wouldn’t make it home this holiday season. After which they announced that they would be giving everyone in the bar a very special gift. What happened next would make you wish you were there for this special moment…

Until 2015! Ramble over and out.

Pepsi Max Unbelievable Bus Shelter

Pepsi Max for its new ‘Unbelievable’ campaign rigged an ordinary bus shelter in London, to perform tricks on unsuspecting travellers. Using a custom see-through digital display, people waiting at the bus shelter were made to believe that they were actually seeing things like hovering alien ships, a loose tiger, a giant robot with laser beam eyes and so on. The reactions to these ‘unbelievable’ scenarios were then captured and put in the below viral video…

British Airways #lookup

Last month, BA setup a first of its kind interactive digital billboard in London’s Piccadilly Circus, that used custom built surveillance technology to track passing by BA flights.

On detecting a BA flight, the boy in the ad would get up and point to the plane while an accompanying message displayed the flight number and destination it was arriving from. 😎

Interactive advertisements are getting more popular with brands. In May, a Spanish organization called ANAR had used lenticular printing to show different messages to kids and adults in their campaign for anti-child abuse.

An impossible made possible

Optical illusions (Ray-Ban) and jaw-clenching stunts (Honda) instead of computer animation are becoming the norm these days.

Now Honda in its latest European commercial for the CR-V 1.6 i-DTEC Diesel has used well-placed props and well-drawn imagery to trick viewers into seeing the impossible. Describing the ad in detail would give too much away. So its better to see the optical-illusions directly…

Mini Salutes You #MiniNotNormal

In August I had written about how Coca-Cola Israel had successfully used technology to personalise billboards for people who drove by it.

Now as part of its ongoing Not Normal campaign, Mini decided to give Mini drivers in London a custom message by taking over 9 giant billboards along a fast-paced road in London for a two week period.

The messages were triggered by human spotters with iPads. Each message was sent with pictures of the make and model of the Mini it was pertaining to. As a result the campaign reached out to 1,941 Mini drivers in London.

Tables you can hear

As part of their new urban headphones campaign, “You Need To Hear This,” Philips unveiled special handmade wooden tables that you could literally plug your headphones into and hear. Each table featured hand illustrated typography and iconography inspired by its neighbourhood – all prompting people to plug their headphones directly into the table (Philips headphones were provided by the bar).

As a result, pub goers across east London experienced the Philips headphones while listening to trending music curated specifically for the neighbourhood they were in.

Temptation Telephone

‘Ring ring….’ would you be tempted to answer a ringing pink telephone? Benefit Cosmetics placed a pink phone booth bang in the middle of London for a day. Then the people who dared to answer the pink phone were made to sing the Whitney Houston classic “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” in front of a packed house while being accompanied by a live band at London’s most iconic venues, Café de Paris.

Where will the temptation telephone ring next and will you be brave enough to answer? 😉

Volkswagen Search Engine Ad

Everyday millions of people are searching for products and brands on Google. So in this latest example of search optimisation, SEA Team from UK created a search engine advertising campaign for Volkswagen which positioned the car in a unique ‘organic ad’ created by optimising the first five individual URL’s of a Google Image Search.

The campaign does feel realistic but when I searched for ‘ultimate business car’, I got only images from people posting about the campaign.