Coca-Cola Peace Machines

Over the years Coca-Cola has experimented with their vending machines and tried to make them much more than just the average soda-spitter-outer.

Last year they placed two vending machines, one in India and the other in Pakistan and turned them into a communication portal. These “Small World Machines” allowed citizens from both countries to interact with each other and even complete shared tasks for which the machines rewarded them with a Coke.

The success of that has inspired Coca-Cola to once again bring fighting parties together. Now instead of bringing together nations at odds, it has tapped into the rivalry between Italian soccer teams Inter and Milan.

To ease the aggression between the fans, Coca-Cola installed their “Fair Play Machines” on opposite sides of Milan’s San Siro stadium as the teams faced off. Pressing the button of one machine dropped a Coke can down the chute of that on the side of the rival team. So this way rivals could only receive Cokes from each other. The results…

Donate Your Profile

ActionAid is an organisation committed to many projects, like fighting hunger and poverty. But in Italy it is known primarily for the sponsoring of children.

So to communicate the work of ActionAid with a small media and production budget in Italy, ad agency DLV BBDO came up with the “Donate your Profile” project. Participants donated their Facebook and Twitter profile pictures to the project so that more awareness could be generated for the stories of people ActionAid helped.

The project received support from Radio 105, Radio Deejay, La Stampa, Marc Marquez and many other Italian celebrities and brands. Seeing this many more people joined in and donated their profiles pictures. The project became the 5th most trending topic on Twitter and received over 79 million media impressions.

To donate your profile visit

Lexus IS Hybrid: Trace Your Road

To promote its new, high-performance Hybrid car, Lexus along with Saatchi & Saatchi Italy created “Trace Your Road”, an experiential event featuring Formula 1 driver, Jarno Trulli.

For the event ten Lexus fans were selected from hundreds of applicants on the Lexus’ Facebook page. These selected fans were then given the opportunity to sit in the passenger seat of the new Hybrid car with Trulli at the wheel. The course was traced by the fan sitting in the car on an iPad that projected the course designs onto the floor of the aircraft hangar with the help of special projectors. The car itself was tracked using a custom high-res infrared (IR) camera system.

Trulli’s driving skills were put to the test as he attempted to follow the spontaneous, real-time paths. Penalties points were given when the car went outside the projected routes and or touched the walls of the aircraft hangar. The goal of the game was to hit 7 selected touch points in the quickest time, the fan with the best score won.

This campaign helped Lexus successfully highlight the cars design and performance while innovatively connecting with its target audience.

Here is a short behind the scenes video to see how it all came together…

Heineken: UEFA Giveaway

Here are two campaigns that Heineken created in Europe to giveaway seats for the UEFA Champions League finals in London last month. 😎

Heineken: The Negotiation

Heineken challenged football fans at a furniture store in Netherlands to convince their ladies into buying a $1899 set of plastic stadium chairs for their home. If they did managed to pull it off, they would win a trip to the finals. The result…

Heineken: The Seat

In Italy, Heineken hid 20 tickets under 20 Wembley seats and spread them around Rome and Milan. Fans then had only one hour to find them and secure their place in finals. The results…

The real master of intuition

Just last week I wrote about the Heineken Star Player app that has been designed to let fans interact in real time with the nail biting action of the UEFA Champions League.

To promote the same Star Player app in Italy, Heineken decided to prank a famous sports bar in Milan which had Italian football legends Billy Costacurta and José Altafini giving live commentary on the UEFA Champions League final match. What nobody in the pub knew was that Heineken had hidden cameras everywhere and that they had delayed the match broadcast by two minutes just so that people in the audience could upstage the legends by calling shots before they were even made. 😎

The mystery of the escaping shopping carts

Saatchi & Saatchi Milan, in support of Carrefour Italy’s project to launch 106 new Carrefour Markets in Lazio developed a truly integrated campaign. The campaign stemmed from the new international positioning of the Carrefour brand, “Positive every day”.

A communication project was developed that, for the first time for an Italian retailer, involved use of various media both synergistically and simultaneously. The supporting creative idea around which the project was articulated was the “appeal of value for money” that no one is able to resist, starting from the supermarket own protagonists: the shopping carts.

The Condom Mob

Cesviamo is an italian social network created by Cesvi, a non-profit organization.

Here they had 3 goals…

  1. increase the awareness of their website,
  2. explain how the social network works…turning fundraising into “funraising”,
  3. and to make people – and above all students – more conscious about AIDS.

So they launched the biggest bet ever “Condom Mob” – 100 young person in a condom against AIDS!

The response so far has been beyond expectations…in the first case they managed to reach 223 person entering the condom, while in the second case it was 230!