Mini We Tow You Drive

Driving a Mini is addictive. Which is why drivers who test drive are more likely to buy one. So to get prospective customers to test drive, Mini decided to help drivers that were stranded by their own cars. Mini partnered with a tow service company and responded to break down calls in real time throughout Singapore. The campaign not only took the test drive out of the showroom and onto the streets, it really made the drivers’ day by unexpectedly turning an annoying situation into a pleasant surprise.

Click here to view the case video.

And @PixelHeritage just brought to my attention, that a Brazilian Chevrolet dealership in 2012 did the exact same test drive promotion in Brazil with the Chevrolet Cobalt…

McDonald’s Happy Table

For the first time ever, McDonald’s Singapore customers can transform an ordinary table at the outlet into McDonaldLand for their kids. All they have to do is download and launch the McParty Run app [Google Play link] on a NFC-enabled mobile and place it on the table to immediately transform it into an interactive racing track for their kids.The kids can then zip around the table to harvest burgers, collect fries and fight baddies like Hamburglar and Captain Crook. 🙂

The Happy Table experience has been created by the DDB Group and is currently being run as a pilot at select outlets across Singapore.

Augmented Reality in 2013

With smartphones and tablets becoming part of our everyday life, we will also see more Augmented Reality apps mixing the virtual and the real world in 2013. Here are some examples from ARworks that recently caught my eye…

Audi Singapore Showroom app

For the opening of their biggest showroom in South-East Asia, Audi created AR experiences that allowed visitors to fly around the showroom building without actually boarding a plane or drive the Audi R18 race car around Singapore at full speed without the risk of getting a ticket. Whats more, they even allowed visitors to personalize their individual license plates and then take photos with the car.

Dakar race in a shopping mall

A real Dakar desert racecourse was built for the new Opel Mokka on a 4mtrs long table that was placed in a shopping mall. Visitors could use the provided iPad’s to race against time and each other. The results were then shared on Facebook and the weekly and overall winners received various prizes.

Christmas Ornament Sling

Deutsche Telekom for their Christmas promotion developed an iPad app where visitors could throw virtual Christmas ornaments containing their personal message onto a huge Christmas tree erected in a mall. A successful hit to one of the real ornaments on the tree, lighted it up through an integrated server application.

The Sing For Me Machine

Coca Cola Sing For Me Machine

As part of its global “Open Happiness” campaign, Coca-Cola has set up interactive vending machines in various parts of the world. In Singapore the consumers could hug for a Coke, in Korea they could dance for a Coke…

and now in Stockholm they can sing for a Coke. 🙂 The vending machine has been placed at the Royal Institute of Technology with the sign “Sing For Me” in the front…

Ikea Catalogue Countdown Room

In July this year I had written about how Ikea had re-imagined their 2013 catalog with visual recognition technology that brought its pages and offerings within to life.

Now to launch it in Singapore and Malaysia they decided to build some excitement in order to break away from the yearly expectations of the catalogue arrival. So they teamed up with Leo Burnett Singapore to create a special interactive in-store catalogue countdown room that was then broadcasted live on their Facebook page…

Lux magic shower rooms

Unilever sampled the new Lux Magic Spell shower soap in various ladies shower rooms across spas, clubs and gyms in Singapore. The walls and floors of all these shower rooms were covered with special stickers made using special hydrochromic ink. Upon contact with water, the white ink disappeared to magically reveal the message and beautiful trails of orchids…

The Hug Me Machine

As part of its global “Open Happiness” campaign, Coca-Cola has set up a vending machine at the National University of Singapore that doesn’t take coins or any other cash…only hugs! For every public display of machine love, the Coca-Cola “Hug Me” machine gifts the person a free can of Coca-Cola…

The machine is one of a number of “Happiness Machines” Coca-Cola has deployed around the world since 2009.

Shop and Pay on-the-go

In June last year I had covered how Homeplus in South Korea had created a virtual store in a subway station in order to blend into people’s everyday lives. Since then Procter & Gamble has set up the same virtual stores in four of the busiest subway stations in Prague and Chinese online supermarket Yihodian has also borrowed the idea and installed virtual supermarkets in 15 subway stations around Shanghai.

This year PayPal has also launched the same QR code shops in 15 Singapore subway stations and enabled commuters to buy Valentines gifts from eight different retailers by simply scanning the QR code on their smartphone…

In USA, PayPal has eliminated the need of a wallet or phone altogether. In a partnership with Home Depot, PayPal has begun to roll out an in-store service that enables payments at stores using only a mobile phone number and a pin number at checkout…

Money is truly being re-imagined and contactless payments is going to be a norm by late 2012.