Honda ‘The Other Side’

Car brands are always trying to show that their cars have different sides to their personalities i.e. sporty vs. reliable, safe vs. cool, etc. What makes Honda’s latest effort unique is its YouTube video. By simply holding down the “R” key on the keyboard, the viewer can instantly switch between two different videos.

To execute this innovation, Wieden & Kennedy London had to create two storylines i.e. one of an easygoing Dad doing the school run and the second as an undercover cop posing as a getaway driver. Both of which were then expertly mirrored with contrasting style and tone. The interactive experience was then put together by Stinkdigital at Honda’s YouTube Channel.


Red Stripe Musical Extravaganza

Red Stripe, a Jamaican Lager Beer brand transformed an ordinary looking East London corner shop into a singing, dancing, musical extravaganza. Products from all over the shop were turned into instruments that burst into a musical melody when a Red Stripe was selected by a customer – noodle pots became maracas, bottles turned into trumpets and cans into xylophone. 🙂

10 hidden cameras were installed to capture the customers reactions…