The Search for the World’s Greatest Salesperson

News just out…Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide as of today are looking for “The Worlds Greatest Salesperson”.

Ogilvy’s founder…David Ogilvy went door to door to sell stoves before he got into advertising. He was so good at it that the company asked him to write a manual for the other salesmen.

Now after decades of being one of the best advertising agencies in the world, it is creating this contest to celebrate the art of selling.

The three winners of this contest will win a trip to the 57th annual Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. They will also get to make a presentation at the festival seminar on June 21.

Are you the one?
To participate visit

The Best of Us Challenge

The International Olympics Committee (IOC) is in the midst of “The Best of Us Challenge” where viewers are challenged to out do their favorite athletes in wacky activities.


At the above web site viewers are encouraged to submit videos in hopes of not only besting the athletes, but also winning signed merchandise or a trip to the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

This campaign reaches out via various social media touch points such as facebook fan page, twitter and youtube.

Here are some of the challenges you will see:

Michael Phelps – Speed Putting

Rafael Nadal – Tennis Ball Pick Up Challenge

Social Media Happiness

In a first of it’s kind undertaking, we are seeing Coca Cola using social media marketing and a travel campaign to tap into regular people to be their “Happiness Ambassadors” and travel the world for the whole of 2010 and document their entire quest via blog posts, tweets, YouTube videos, TwitPics, and other social media mentions.

Currently their is a contest in progress to shortlist the brand ambassadors whose mission will be to find happiness in the 206 different countries that sell Coca-Cola products across the world.


The winning three-person team will begin their journey on January 1, 2010 and attempt to travel more than 150,000 miles in 365 days, visiting each of the 206 countries where Coca-Cola is sold. Their duty will be to engage with local denizens and uncover what makes them happy. After which they are to share their experiences online, and complete tasks in each country as determined by online voters.