KLM Surprise

KLM launched a great Social Media Customer Engagement campaign which involved monitoring people who check in via foursquare for flights or tweet about waiting to board the next KLM service, and they called it “KLM Surprise” as their aim was to bring random surprises and happiness to the boring wait for flights.

Once the customer was chosen for the KLM Surprise, the team would then come up with the perfect (small) gift based on the customers various social networking profiles. The gift would then be hand delivered to the surprised customer at the airport gates.

Greeting your customers and thanking them for visiting your business after they’ve checked in is, of course, a best practice for any company using foursquare, but KLM Surprise takes it to a whole new level. The personal touch that’s exhibited through each of the interactions shows that the KLM team is really looking to make peoples days while they’re traveling, and that goes a long way to “spreading happiness”.

Social Media goes above the line

Here is a new TV spot promoting the NORMS Restaurants Facebook & Twitter pages…it does something different…the commercial is grounded in social media rather than simply being an add-on…

Just as Social Media never sleeps, Norm’s restaurants also never closes…they are open 24 hours a day.

This family owned business has seen the following success within 10 days of the TV commercials:

  • Gained 1,000 fans on Facebook
  • Gained 150 followers on Twitter

Ikea’s Facebook Showroom

Facebook has been getting cluttered with brands screaming about themselves…Forsman & Bodenfors from Sweden came up with an innovative idea to break through this clutter for Ikea. They turned one of Facebook’s basic functions into a promotional tool, to promote the opening of Ikea’s new store in Malmo, Sweden.

With a little media budget, the agency came up with an unconventional Facebook campaign that started with a profile of the store’s manager, Gordon Gustavsson.

Gordon Gustavsson

Gustavsson then uploaded pictures of the store’s showrooms to his photo album and the first people to tag the IKEA items with their name won the item which helped to grow IKEA’s Facebook fan base and spread around photos of IKEA products.

The Best of Us Challenge

The International Olympics Committee (IOC) is in the midst of “The Best of Us Challenge” where viewers are challenged to out do their favorite athletes in wacky activities.


At the above web site viewers are encouraged to submit videos in hopes of not only besting the athletes, but also winning signed merchandise or a trip to the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

This campaign reaches out via various social media touch points such as facebook fan page, twitter and youtube.

Here are some of the challenges you will see:

Michael Phelps – Speed Putting

Rafael Nadal – Tennis Ball Pick Up Challenge

Social Media Happiness

In a first of it’s kind undertaking, we are seeing Coca Cola using social media marketing and a travel campaign to tap into regular people to be their “Happiness Ambassadors” and travel the world for the whole of 2010 and document their entire quest via blog posts, tweets, YouTube videos, TwitPics, and other social media mentions.

Currently their is a contest in progress to shortlist the brand ambassadors whose mission will be to find happiness in the 206 different countries that sell Coca-Cola products across the world.


The winning three-person team will begin their journey on January 1, 2010 and attempt to travel more than 150,000 miles in 365 days, visiting each of the 206 countries where Coca-Cola is sold. Their duty will be to engage with local denizens and uncover what makes them happy. After which they are to share their experiences online, and complete tasks in each country as determined by online voters.