Coca-Cola creates first ever “drinkable” advertising

Many people think they know the taste of Coke Zero, but they actually don’t. So Ogilvy & Mather created a campaign for Coke Zero that viewers could literally drink, irrespective of whether it was on a billboard, tv, print, or radio.

By simply “Shazaming” the ads, viewers could see Coke Zero pouring in on the screen of their smartphones, filling a glass, which then ended up into an actual free Coke Zero coupon that could be redeemed at select retail stores across the US.


The Powerade Workout Billboard

Powerade with the help of Ogilvy & Mather setup several workout billboards in Berlin that apart from advertising the product, also doubled up as workout equipment to emphasize the brands attitude “You have more power than you think”.

People practicing their rock climbing, weight lifting and boxing skills on the unique billboards were also rewarded with some free Powerade to help replenish their electrolytes.


Media Markt “Money Trucks”

Over the last couple of years I have seen a handful of brands reach the 1 million fans milestone. To celebrate, most of them have created really nice and innovative thank you videos e.g. Tic Tac “Likes” Matt.

Now joining the list of brands with 1 million fans on Facebook is Media Markt, one of the biggest retailers for electronics in Germany. To celebrate this momentous occacion, Ogilvy & Mather Frankfurt created the “Money Trucks” campaign in which Media Markt fans were asked to guess the exact number of small mining trucks required to transport 1 million cents. The contest was started in June with the below launch video…

Then in July one lucky fan from Saßmicke, a small village in western Germany guessed the exact number of trucks required. So on 16th July, Media Markt dispatched 193 small mining trucks to deliver the 1 million cents right to the door step of the fan… 😎


Tables you can hear

As part of their new urban headphones campaign, “You Need To Hear This,” Philips unveiled special handmade wooden tables that you could literally plug your headphones into and hear. Each table featured hand illustrated typography and iconography inspired by its neighbourhood – all prompting people to plug their headphones directly into the table (Philips headphones were provided by the bar).

As a result, pub goers across east London experienced the Philips headphones while listening to trending music curated specifically for the neighbourhood they were in.


Billboard Fan Check Machine

Not every music fan reads Billboard Magazine, but every music fan has music on their phone. So Ogilvy & Mather Brazil created a magazine dispenser that gave away a free magazine if you proved you are a fan of the artist on the cover of Billboard Magazine.

To get a free copy, all one needed to do was plug their iPhone into the Fan Check Machine and let it analyze the music library. If the machine found more than 20 songs by the artist on the cover of Billboard, you got the magazine for free. 😎