Ikea PS 2014 Instagram Website

Ikea over the years has made a name for itself as a trustworthy and affordable source of stylish home decor. In Russia to promote their new PS 2014 collection they teamed up with Moscow-based agency Instinct to produce a campaign that approached Instagram in an entirely new way.

The Ikea_ps_2014 Instagram account served as their campaign website, with each post representing a product category like Benches or Tables. On tapping the individual category pictures, hidden tags were revealed that offered a “link” to each product within that category. Every one of the 34 items in the collection also received their own Instagram accounts e.g. ps_laptop_station and ps_side_table.

The Instagram app was certainly never meant to be an Ikea catalog website, but this innovative use has its roots in previous brand campaigns. Early this year Mazda and JWT Canada turned the car-maker’s Instagram feed into an interactive road trip, replacing car specs with images and videos that followed the vehicle on an epic adventure. Over the course of four months, the campaign “Long Drive Home” helped grow Mazda Canada’s Instagram following by more than 300%.

Similarly, the Toronto Silent Film Festival turned their feed tsff2014 on its side, creating an interactive timeline complete with factoids and video clips to celebrate Charlie Chaplin’s 100 years on film.

Coca-Cola Interactive Mini Bottles

Coca-Cola has recently launched 20 special edition mini bottles to get fans around the world excited about the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup, which will take place in Brazil from June 12th to July 13th.

The bottles come wrapped in flags of countries that have hosted the World Cup previously i.e. Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, USA, England, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, Japan and South Korea, as well as the three upcoming host countries Brazil, Russia and Qatar – plus two special Coca-Cola editions.

Coca-Cola fans can also create and send special messages and avatars to other bottle owners through Facebook and iPhone or Android apps. In addition, special markers on the bottles activate augmented reality animations when held up to a smartphone camera.

Mazda3 Fast Lane

In a bid to capture consumers imagination and attention in Canada, JWT worked with Mazda to turn select Cineplex cinemas in Toronto and Vancouver into immersive gaming experiences that also acted as a mass in cinema test drive. 😎

During November, before the feature film, a short film showed two Mazda3 cars racing. Interested audience members could sync their smartphones to control their own virtual vehicle and race against other members of the audience. An onscreen leaderboard tracked the progress and winners got various giveaways.

Lux magic shower rooms

Unilever sampled the new Lux Magic Spell shower soap in various ladies shower rooms across spas, clubs and gyms in Singapore. The walls and floors of all these shower rooms were covered with special stickers made using special hydrochromic ink. Upon contact with water, the white ink disappeared to magically reveal the message and beautiful trails of orchids…

Listerine Flipbook with Bad Breath

Bad breath is one the most embarrassing issues for people when they socialize. So Listerine decided to bring this experience to life with a flipbook that released a pungent onion scent. 🙂

To induce trials, a coupon was also attached to the back of the flipbook and people could redeem the same for a free Listerine bottle at nearby locations. Redemption rates at the end were recorded to be at 66%!

Pedestrian Ghost

Speeding cars and pedestrian safety is a huge problem in Ukraine. In fact Ukraine is responsible for 56% of pedestrian collisions in Eastern Europe. To make people think twice about speeding, Shell along with JWT Ukraine created an ambient campaign where they invented the pedestrian ghost. The campaign was run during Halloween and has generated a lot of buzz over the internet…

Paul “The Chair”

For 7 years he has played on chairs in front of the Warsaw Central Station. They call him Paul “The Chair”.

Since no one knows chairs better than Paul, JWT Warsaw decided to get IKEA Warsaw fans to chose which chairs Paul could test in their latest Facebook Campaign.

The results were posted on the IKEA Poland Facebook page and within 7 days the number of IKEA Warsaw fans increased by 70%!

Heineken “Italy Activation”

One of the most sacred moment guys have is watching football with friends. But as time goes by, that moment is increasingly at risk. Heineken with the help of ad agency JWT Italy, reminded their target audience of this at the very evening of the UEFA Champions League game…Real madrid vs AC Milan. 🙂

Heineken “made to entertain”. 😎