The evolution of iBeacons

iBeacons are the future of retail. However last week I spotted two unique examples of how the technology could be used beyond retail…

SnackBall Machine

GranataPet is a pet food company from the Bavarian Alps. In their latest campaign, they decided to port the fitness hype from the human world to the dog world.

With the help of their ad agency MRM / McCann Germany, they developed a SnackBall Machine that automatically launched a tennis ball (embedded with an iBeacon) in the park when the dog owner checked-in with #snackball on Twitter. The dog that quickly returned with the ball was then rewarded with a healthy GranataPet Snack, that was activated by the proximity of the ball to the machine.

Since its launch across various large German cities, GranataPet has seen a 27% lift in sales at various local pet food shops.


Tzukuri iBeacon Glasses

Australian company Tzukuri (phonetic spelling of “to make” in Japanese) has successfully combined a tiny iBeacon chip with regular sunglasses, that automatically and permanently connect with the users iPhone. So when the user leaves the sunglasses somewhere he is automatically alerted via a custom iPhone app.

More infos on the glasses are available at:


Coca-Cola Live Tweets #LetsEatTogether

Coca-Cola in Romania seems to have broken new ground in the country with its integration between Twitter and TV, as it included live consumer tweets during its ad.

The insight for the campaign came from the fact that in Romania 60% of people don’t eat meals together, but instead eat them alone while sitting in front of their TV. So Coca-Cola decided to use tweets to create open invitations for people to actually come together and have a meal with a Coke.

As shown in the below video, the TV ad included a subtitle bar that was used to run the tweets that consumers sent using the hashtag #LetsEatTogether. Coca-Cola’s ad agency, MRM Worldwide then edited the tweets and inserted five to seven of them into each ad placement.

The campaign increased Coke’s Twitter followers in Romania by 15% as hundreds of tweets were aired on TV. The campaign even made it to the evening news as its uniqueness made Romanians wait everyday for the ad.