Coca-Cola Live Tweets #LetsEatTogether

Coca-Cola in Romania seems to have broken new ground in the country with its integration between Twitter and TV, as it included live consumer tweets during its ad.

The insight for the campaign came from the fact that in Romania 60% of people don’t eat meals together, but instead eat them alone while sitting in front of their TV. So Coca-Cola decided to use tweets to create open invitations for people to actually come together and have a meal with a Coke.

As shown in the below video, the TV ad included a subtitle bar that was used to run the tweets that consumers sent using the hashtag #LetsEatTogether. Coca-Cola’s ad agency, MRM Worldwide then edited the tweets and inserted five to seven of them into each ad placement.

The campaign increased Coke’s Twitter followers in Romania by 15% as hundreds of tweets were aired on TV. The campaign even made it to the evening news as its uniqueness made Romanians wait everyday for the ad.

Mercedes-Benz Tweet Fleet

The ‘Active Parking Assist’ from Mercedes-Benz recognizes empty parking spaces by simply passing them. That brought ad agency Jung von Matt/Neckar to the idea that if the car knows where the empty parking spaces are, then everybody could also be informed.

So just before Christmas when parking spaces were hard to find, they launched the Mercedes-Benz Tweet Fleet with its Active Parking Assist that tweeted empty parking spaces in downtown Stuttgart.

The MBTweetFleet cars automatically generated the tweets with GPS data via Arduino an onboard electronic and a PHP Relay. People could then follow @MBTweetFleet to find empty parking spaces near them on twitter and be navigated there by the linked Google map.

Power is football

Wunderman Buenos Aires is back with another twitter campaign. This time they have leveraged twitter to create a live infographic for every game played in the Copa America Argentina 2011, the most important football championship in South America.

The official microsite aggregated every tweet about every game, and compiled them into an interactive infographic style interface where one could explore the social interaction through every minute of the match!

#The8N8 Twitter Campaign

Wunderman Buenos Aires was given the task to launch the new Nokia N8 smart phone. So they created a twitter based activation campaign called #The8N8.

To start with, Nokia enlisted top celebrities to help tweet various questions, clues and features of the phone. Users had to then find these clues, follow the celebrity and respond to those tweets correctly in the fastest time in order to earn the celebrity follow back. The first 8 people to get 8 celebrities to follow them back won the new Nokia N8.

The campaign was successful as Nokia was able to reach 300,000 Twitter users. They also managed to increase their fan base on Twitter and Facebook by over 100%!

The Twitter Hustle

Dutch creative team Bas van de Poel and Daan van Dam set up 5 separate Twitter accounts and started following various dutch Creative Directors on Twitter. Their message was simple: HIRE US.

Even though the ideas was very similar to the Jeep Twitter Puzzle campaign…the execution was different and innovative. It got them noticed and finally a job with Boondoggle in Amsterdam.

Assembling manuals in 140 characters

The challenge furniture brand Tok&Stok faced was how to communicate that they sell easy to assemble furniture. If one is not an Ikea, the task doesn’t seem to be easy. However agency DDB Brazil cracked it with a cool Twitter-based campaign where the assembling manuals were reduced to a maximum of 140 characters and posted as tweets!

To view the tweets from the campaign visit Tok&Stok’s Twitter account.

Turkcell Tweet

Turkcell was launching new smart phones bundled with mobile internet and wanted to create awareness among the heavy internet users. So Turkcell’s agency, Rabarba from Istanbul, developed a campaign that attracted these users by creating a unique live competition through Twitter.

The smartphone was packed in gift boxes and covered with post-its. Players had to then tweet what was written on the post-its to unwrap the boxes, using the hashtag #Turkcelltweet. Along the way contestants participated in games that won them free minutes and mobile data. The final challenge was to get a celebrity to retweet the message – winning the successful Twitter user a smart phone.

Fey & Co Lullaland

Around the world millions of people say good night on Twitter, some even with “#goodnight”. So german ad agency Jung von Matt/Elbe decided to collect all the #goodnight tweets for mattress manufacturers Fey & Co.

Every good night Tweet automatically became part of the campaign and with a simple Twitter Retweet, the users were invited to

At the lullaland website the 144 character tweets were made into melodic tweets for the world. Thus Fey & Co became the ambassador for good sleep in the daily bedtime ritual of a digital generation.

Yellow Chocolate

The Yellow Pages Yellow Chocolate campaign in New Zealand has been recognised with a Gold Titanium/Integrated award, a Gold Media Lion, and a Bronze Cyber Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival 2010.

The campaign began in August 2009 with a call for video entries for a mysterious quest of ambition. 28 year old surfer and actor Josh Winger was chosen to design, market and distribute a chocolate bar that tastes like the colour yellow, and to use only companies listed in the Yellow books, both online and mobile, in the process.

So Josh proved Yellow can help an ordinary bloke get an extraordinary job done. His was the fastest selling chocolate bar in New Zealand in ten years. People were paying $2 for what was actually a piece of direct marketing. Supermarkets were sold out and the bars were traded online for up to $320. There were 80,000 followers online, 16,000 Facebook fans, 800 Twitter followers. It was the most talked-about campaign in New Zealand with 61% recall and 27% of people talking about it in everyday conversations. Online usage grew by 9%.

The first pre-launch of a car using Twitter

Twitter is only just taking off in Agrentina and Wunderman Buenos Aires managed to convince Ford to do the pre-launch campaign on Twitter, with great success.

The idea was to give the most followed twitterer in Argentina, the one and only new Ford Fiesta available in the country, with the condition that he drive it for 5 straight days, tweeting about his experience. Now, that’s nothing new, but they managed to twist that strategy a little by getting some of the most famous TV stars to jump in the car and tweet mini interviews while being driven around in the new car. And after just 5 days, the campaign had reached over 200,000 people, that’s 50% of all twitter users in Argentina!