Hellmann’s ReciTweet

In the past, Hellmann’s has used novel ways to encourage consumers to use their mayonnaise for more than just sandwiches. Now for their latest campaign they have teamed up with Ogilvy Brazil to create Recitweet.

Consumers who don’t know what to do with the contents of their fridges can now tweet their ingredients with the hashtag #PreparaPraMim (prepare for me in Portuguese). Then as a tweet back the consumers receive a recipe from Hellmann’s that uses the exact same food from their fridge. Here is a short video on how it works…

Philips Fruit Mashup

Philips launched the Walita Avance, their most advanced blender to date in Brazil. With 800w power and ultra-sharp blades, it mixed ingredients unlike anything consumers have ever seen before.

So to promote it, Ogilvy Brazil got a molecular cuisine specialist to actually physically blend two fruits into one! After 3 months of research the molecular cuisine specialist successfully created three new fruits (Pinegrape, Bananaberry and Kiwigerine) that Ogilvy used to promote the new Philips blender.

It seems Brazilian agencies are the ones to watch when it comes to innovative fruit related communication. 😉 Also see the real fruit boxes campaign from Ageisobar Brazil.

Coke Happiness Refill

For teens, happiness is being connected. Using this insight Coca-Cola in Brazil created a beachfront store on the Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro where a never seen before soda machine was installed.

Using an exclusive Coca-Cola mobile browser, young emerging middle-class consumers who love their mobile phones but cannot afford a generous data plan could simply goto the soda machine and receive credits for free internet on their mobile. 😎

This soda machine joins the growing number of “Happiness Machines” Coca-Cola has deployed around the world since 2009.

The Great Banner Sale

GRAACC is a Brazilian hospital that offers free treatment for children with cancer.

Over the last few years GRAACC has used a number of innovative approaches to raising funds. This year with Ogilvy Brazil they undertook the great banner sale. Rather than simply asking people for money, they asked companies to donate banner space on their web sites. Then instead of using the banner space to promote the hospital, they sold the space to other companies and individuals.

And if you’re interested in GRAACC’s campaign for 2010, that was rather different too. They asked people to donate their whole website to the charity…

Fanta Soda “Lift & Laugh”

Ogilvy Brazil sought to reinforce Fanta’s brand image of “joy” in USA. So they came up with an elevator prank called “Lift & Laugh”.

An elevator in a school in Atlanta was chosen to arouse students curiosity and laughter. In the elevator they installed a device that responded to the movements and comments from the students.

In the end many students did not want to get off the elevator and asked for a repeat trip. 🙂

Santa’s Forgotten Letters

The city of Santa Claus is situated in the state of Indiana, USA. The museum in the city brings together different objects related to Santa Claus and for more than 70 years has received letters from people around the world.

Coca Cola with its ad agency Ogilvy Brazil selected 75 forgotten letters and set out on an impossible task to find the writers and give them exactly what they asked for! The result was a touching movie that translates the concept of Coca-Cola to believe, and reinforces the magic of Christmas.

The $73,000 Bar Tab!

How do you make people think twice about driving drunk when they dont think its a big deal? You make it a big deal.

Ogilvy Brasil with Bar Aurora and Boteco Ferraz added the real costs of drunk driving to peoples bar tabs. Thus speaking to them in the moment right before they decided whether to drink and drive or not.

First they got pissed, then they got the message. 🙂

Burger King “Whopperface”

One cashier, one hidden cam, one printer. That’s all Ogilvy Brasil needed to prove that Burger King sandwiches are made to order. When a customer ordered a Whopper, they took a picture, without anyone noticing. Then the customer got their freshly made sandwiches with their faces on them. Thus Burger King proved that each sandwich is unique and made to order for each customer. 😎