Volkswagen GTI Bannerbahn


Volkswagen Netherlands is set to launch the new GTI in a banner via an online race, set in the physical world.

4 popular Dutch websites have been painted as a runway of an airport, each 20 metres wide and 25 metres long. On race day i.e. today 13th September participants will be chasing the GTI as it speeds through the banner spaces of each site. The person who is fast enough to catch the new GTI wins the car in real life. 😎

Here is the teaser video of the campaign…

And here is the making of video that shows how everything was put together…

Interested participants can now visit (redirects to a Facebook app) for more infos (in Dutch) on how to participate.

Volkswagen Polo Principle

Volkswagen last year launched ‘The Polo Principle’ ad campaign to convey the message that high-end innovations were now available to Polo drivers.

Then to democratize the innovation process they allowed people to actually design their very own 3D Volkswagen mock ups. The top 40 designs were chosen by a panel of judges and then put on display in Copenhagen with the entrants receiving their (mini) 3D printed Volkswagen’s in the mail. 😎

For more examples on brands using 3D printing click here.

Volkswagen Street Quest

Since 1951, South Africans have loved Volkswagen. In fact, you’ll probably find one on every street, road, highway and byway in the country. So Volkswagen along with Ogilvy Cape Town created an advergame that not only celebrated the impact Volkswagen had on South African streets, but also kickstarted Volkswagen South Africa’s Facebook Page.

‘Volkswagen Street Quest’ was a Facebook challenge to find as many Volkswagens as possible on South African streets using Google Street View in a custom-designed gaming interface. The campaign ran for over 4 weeks and the players with the most Pins from each week qualified for a real life Street Quest challenge. The results…

The Volkswagen Beetle. Juiced Up.

Volkswagen has made their biggest ever re-vamp of their classic Volkswagen Beetle. With the help of their agency Red Urban, they launched the new VW Beetle through a series of standard billboards, bus shelters and just about every other traditional print-based media property that they could buy. So whats the big deal about that? Well, the twist was that every ad was an Augmented Reality marker that unlocked a 3D experience to the users who downloaded and pointed the custom VW Juiced Up app at the various ads.

The Great Art Heist

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But if Volkswagen Canada has their say, beauty will be in the hands of the person who’s stealing it. At least that’s the idea behind their latest ambient meets social campaign for the new Volkswagen Jetta GLI.

Since the beginning of October, agency Red Urban has created a series of pop-up art galleries across major cities in Canada, that feature “Light Paintings” made by the movement of the Volkswagen Jetta.

While the frames in the exhibits have been hung for all to admire, they haven’t really been hung that securely, allowing more daring admirers to claim the artwork for themselves. The thieves were also being asked to share their stolen items via Tweets and Facebook posts. Volkswagen Canada’s Facebook page has already started receiving photos from fans decorating homes and offices with the eye-catching imagery…

Volkswagen virtual Golf Cabriolet app

The Golf Cabriolet is back after 9 years of absence, since production was stopped in 2002. Volkswagen together with Paris based agency ‘Agency.V.’ have come up with the worlds first augmented reality car showroom app for the iPad2, iPhone and Android.

The app lets you explore the vehicle and play with it’s features like opening the soft-top roof, rotating the car, checking the vehicle’s details, changing the body colour or the style of the rims. You can even take a picture of yourself with the virtual car and share each step of this experience through your social networks.

iPhone and iPad 2 users can download the app from the French iTunes Store. Android users can do the same at the Android market.

Volkswagen Twitter Zoom

Volkswagen decided to sponsor the Planeta Terra Festival (big music fest in São Paulo) as it was a great opportunity to bring their trendy car, the Fox, closer to city’s youth.

The challenge for ad agency AlmapBBDO was to spread the Fox message beyond the event walls, reaching every youngster in São Paulo. So they came up with Twitter Zoom!

First they spread a series of tickets in different places within São Paulo. Then, they launched an online platform where visitors could see the Google Maps of the entire city. The mechanic was simple: the more tweets #foxatplanetaterra, the closer the zoom on the map. Then the first one to get to the ticket, won it. This went on for four days straight.

#foxatplanetaterra became a TrendTopic in São Paulo in less than 2 hours, where it remained for the entire length of the competition.

Volkswagen Amarok Live Test Drive

October seems to be a month of innovative test drive campaigns! In this campaign, ad agency AlmapBBDO Brazil has created a neat interactive meets experiential campaign.

The idea was to create a virtual test drive for Volkswagen’s new Amarok that people could experience live from their home or office. So a huge outdoor test track was setup, along with an automated car that takes your virtual test drive directions over the phone while you watch it live on your computer.

The campaign had 327 live test drives, 500,000+ unique site visitors and generated 7,392 online purchase intentions during the campaign period.