The Troll Ad Button

To promote the new season of The Noite (a show hosted by one of Brasil’s most popular comedian), Publicis Brasil came up with a new button on YouTube. For the first time they created a campaign where people could choose between a “Skip Ad” and “Troll this ad” button. This tweak to the YouTube pre-roll ads resulted in 4 times more video views for the campaign.

Heineken: UEFA Giveaway

Here are two campaigns that Heineken created in Europe to giveaway seats for the UEFA Champions League finals in London last month. 😎

Heineken: The Negotiation

Heineken challenged football fans at a furniture store in Netherlands to convince their ladies into buying a $1899 set of plastic stadium chairs for their home. If they did managed to pull it off, they would win a trip to the finals. The result…

Heineken: The Seat

In Italy, Heineken hid 20 tickets under 20 Wembley seats and spread them around Rome and Milan. Fans then had only one hour to find them and secure their place in finals. The results…

The real master of intuition

Just last week I wrote about the Heineken Star Player app that has been designed to let fans interact in real time with the nail biting action of the UEFA Champions League.

To promote the same Star Player app in Italy, Heineken decided to prank a famous sports bar in Milan which had Italian football legends Billy Costacurta and José Altafini giving live commentary on the UEFA Champions League final match. What nobody in the pub knew was that Heineken had hidden cameras everywhere and that they had delayed the match broadcast by two minutes just so that people in the audience could upstage the legends by calling shots before they were even made. 😎

User Generated Orange Juice

Prigat, a leading company in the Israeli fruit juice market, has come up with one of the most innovative Facebook campaigns you are ever likely to see.

A unique Facebook application was developed by Publicis E-dologic, who gave it the fitting name of “User Generated Orange Juice (UGOJ)”. The application enabled internet users to squeeze real fresh orange juice simply by smiling at a webcam. It used face recognition technology that digitally activated a real giant juicer whenever a user smiled. The juicer could be viewed live 24/7, allowing users to actually see the outcome of their smiles.

The Facebook page got 30,000 new likes, over 20,000 photos were uploaded and a whopping 40,000 fresh oranges were squeezed!

Print Ads That Really Speak

Print ads are hitting above their weight lately. Recently, you could test-drive a Volkswagen right inside a print ad, thanks to a special app. Now, QR codes are being used to get dictators talking in a set of print ads created by Publicis Brussels for the free-press advocacy group Reporters Without Borders (RWB).

In the ads for RWB you scan the QR code with your iPhone and then place the phone over the leader’s mouth. The mouth starts talking—but it turns out to be the voice of a journalist discussing media censorship in that particular country.

Currently there are Gaddafi, Ahmadinejad and Putin versions.

For more details visit the campaign micro site.


Its easy to ignore a homeless person as you walk past them on the street, but after having one on your phone for three days Depaul UK hopes that you will be able to see the complex and varied issues behind youth homelessness.

This free app was created (pro bono) by Publicis London to raise awareness of Depaul UK, a charity devoted to youth homelessness in the UK.

12 second strip

Renault UK and ad agency Publicis London, set up a challenge that saw loads of people stripping off their clothes in the hope of winning the brand new Renault Wind Roadster.

The challenge involved people stripping down to one layer of clothing in just 12 seconds, which is the same amount of time it takes Renault’s new Wind Roadster to drop its top. To participate people had to post their fun and tasteful strip videos on Youtube.

For more videos visit

Facebook integration at the Coca Cola Village

Publicis (E-dologic) and Promarket developed an innovative experiential event for Coca Cola Israel that synced everyone who participated, live with their friends on Facebook!

The Coca Cola Village 2010 event in Israel was run through Facebook, with teenagers needing to collect 10 Coca Cola caps each and eight friends who did the same. After registering online through Facebook they got an exclusive entry.

At the Coca Cola Village, they were asked to setup a special wrist band that would securely hold their Facebook login / password. Every time they swiped, it instantly updated their status with what they were doing at the event, keeping their friends up to date in real time. Plus the wrist band also allowed for automatic tagging of all the photos taken at the Coca Cola Village.

The event held 650 teenagers a day, and with the seamless Facebook integration, they generated 35,000+ posts every day for the three days totaling over 100,000 posts for the event!