The Troll Ad Button

To promote the new season of The Noite (a show hosted by one of Brasil’s most popular comedian), Publicis Brasil came up with a new button on YouTube. For the first time they created a campaign where people could choose between a “Skip Ad” and “Troll this ad” button. This tweak to the YouTube pre-roll ads resulted in 4 times more video views for the campaign.

Burger King Anti-pre-roll pre-roll

Pre-rolls on YouTube are considered as one of the most annoying things on the internet. Its a fact that even Burger King acknowledges, even though they profit enormously from them.

So for their campaign in New Zealand they decided to take a slightly different approach. They created 64 videos that made fun of the annoying pre-rolls and then tailored it to the video that was about to be watched.

The 5 Second Skip Ad

Viewers usually have to twiddle their fingers while counting down the 5 second YouTube pre-roll to the “Skip Ad” button.

So Homecenter Sodimac from Chile along with ad agency MayoDraftfcb created a range of environmental messages that challenged viewers to either skip the ad or skip the behavior. In just one week, over 80,000 people chose to change their behavior.