Radio Ghosts

One out of eleven deaths caused by car accidents has to do with drinking and driving. So St John Ambulance in Hamburg along with ad agency Serviceplan developed the “Radio Geister” project which aimed to raise awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving among young drivers.

Radio spots were created and presented from the perspective of fatal drunk driving accident victims. Small radio stations in the shape of wooden death crosses were placed around Hamburg, at the sites where car accidents caused by alcohol had happened. These mini radio stations were able to interrupt the signal of radio stations popular with the drivers…

LEGO Builders of Sound Installation

The 3D premiere of Star Wars Episode 1 in early 2012 was a cinematographic milestone for the Star Wars saga. To celebrate the milestone, LEGO along with ad agency Serviceplan Munich created a unique 3D LEGO sound installation that actually played the Star Wars main theme song.

The installation comprised of a huge barrel organ on which four Star Wars worlds i.e. Hoth, Tatooine, Endor and the Death Star were built onto it with over 20,000 individual LEGO pieces. When the organ turned, the pieces touched mechanical sensors that in turn struck keys of a built-in keyboard.

You can also play the organ yourself, and hear the original sounds directly via the web at

Austria Solar Annual Report 2011

Solar energy is the key area of business for Vienna based Austria Solar. Their ad agency Serviceplan was given the task to develop a surprising and attention grabbing annual report that not only puts solar energy to paper, but also positions Austria Solar as a consistently innovative industry organization in the Austrian solar sector.

So a special printing process was used that allowed the content of the individual pages only to become visible when sunlight fell on it! 😎 The finished report was then wrapped in a light-proof foil and sent to the members of the Austrian solar organization along with various representatives from business and politics.

Striptease shopping

Liaison Dangereuse a German Lingerie brand, gave ad agency Serviceplan a creative challenge i.e. to increase their lingerie sales on Valentine’s day.

Seduction always works. So what about making the buying experience attractive and unique for men by giving them the opportunity of buying lingerie directly from the body of beautiful models, and providing a memorable striptease? Thus a new way to sell online lingerie was created!

In the end Serviceplan not only managed to get free media coverage from the main websites, newspapers and magazines in Germany but also gained additional traffic of 155% to the Liaison Dangereuse website. Sales went up by 50% during the promotion!

BMW Flash Projection

German ad agency Serviceplan was given the challenge to turn young potential motorbikers into fans of the BMW Motorrad, by staging the brand in an unseen and fascinating way.

So they came up with the first cinema commercial that does not use a directly visible logo. During an exciting Superbike commercial they illuminated the BMW logo with a harmless photo flash onto the audience’s eyes. When the audience was asked to close their eyes at the end of the ad, they were surprised to see the BMW logo as an after image. With this BMW literally got inside people’s heads – involving them instead of boring them.

People who visited the movie shows were fascinated by this innovative performance. BMW Motorrad got a lot of positive feedback, especially excited comments on various biker blogs. Even film critics wrote about the event in their reviews. And of course there were several reports on TV.

At the pre-season opening of the BMW Motorrad a significant number of younger people asked for information material about Ruben Xaus and his Superbike…the BMW S 1000 RR. The S 1000 RR then went on to be sold out till September 2010. A huge success in midst of a declining bike market.

The BMW Light Wall Reflection

BMW asked Serviceplan from Munich, Germany to develop an idea for the BMW M3 Coupe as they had a very special billboard at the Hamburg airport – a 50x2m light wall in the middle of the arrivals hall.

For a car that exceeds limits, Serviceplan created a billboard that exceeds limits. They designed a headline out of half letters. To complete them they used the reflection on the shiny floor.

They not only managed to double the media space for free and but also doubled the attention for free!