Amazon Go

The way we buy groceries in stores is going to change forever! The first Amazon Go store is due to open to the public in early 2017. To use the service, people living in Seattle will need to install the Amazon Go app, log into their account, and then simply put goods from the shelves into their bags and walk out.

According to Amazon, the store and shelves are equipped with “computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning” technology that can detect when products are removed and returned to the shelves. And only when the customer actually leaves the store is their account charged.


Hellmann’s ReciTweet

In the past, Hellmann’s has used novel ways to encourage consumers to use their mayonnaise for more than just sandwiches. Now for their latest campaign they have teamed up with Ogilvy Brazil to create Recitweet.

Consumers who don’t know what to do with the contents of their fridges can now tweet their ingredients with the hashtag #PreparaPraMim (prepare for me in Portuguese). Then as a tweet back the consumers receive a recipe from Hellmann’s that uses the exact same food from their fridge. Here is a short video on how it works…


The in-store shopping revolution

With smartphone penetration crossing the halfway point, two new start-ups are pushing to change how we shop in-store…


QThru is a mobile point-of-sale platform that helps consumers at grocery and retail stores to shop, scan and check out using their Android and iOS smartphones…


Hointer has automated jean shopping through QR codes. When scanned using the store’s app, the jean is delivered in the chosen size to a fitting room in the store and the customer is alerted to which room to visit. Once the jeans have been tried, customers can either send the jeans back into the system or swipe their card using a machine in each fitting room to make a purchase…