The Invisible Vending Machine

Since the time I started writing this blog, I have come across many innovative vending machines. Some I featured right here on Ramble and the others I bookmarked on YouTube.

Now to add to this collection, here is an invisible vending machine from Coca-Cola Turkey that becomes visible only when couples walk by. The machine was created specially for Valentine’s Day (last week) and was installed in Istanbul to spread happiness Coca-Cola style. 😎

Coke Happiness Refill

For teens, happiness is being connected. Using this insight Coca-Cola in Brazil created a beachfront store on the Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro where a never seen before soda machine was installed.

Using an exclusive Coca-Cola mobile browser, young emerging middle-class consumers who love their mobile phones but cannot afford a generous data plan could simply goto the soda machine and receive credits for free internet on their mobile. 😎

This soda machine joins the growing number of “Happiness Machines” Coca-Cola has deployed around the world since 2009.