Natwerk was asked to create something playful to engage the online minded visitors of ‘The Next Web conference 2012’. So they created an analogue gambling game featuring a real cow and layered it with an online extension. As you can see in the case film ‘Klara’ the cow was expected to shit three times a day and the visitors could bet where she would drop her shit.

Waternet Queen’s Day Challenge

Amsterdam’s water supplier Waternet wanted to discourage people from urinating in the city’s canals during the national Queen’s Day holiday in April. So Waternet hired Achtung! to do a little campaign that people would be very eager to try.

Several brightly colored urinals were created and installed at various points on the Amsterdam canal. Each urinal contained 4 stalls that were connected to a digital screen that turned peeing into a race.

As a result the campaign got people to use the urinal, pee quickly and even earn their water taxes back!

KLM Surprise

KLM launched a great Social Media Customer Engagement campaign which involved monitoring people who check in via foursquare for flights or tweet about waiting to board the next KLM service, and they called it “KLM Surprise” as their aim was to bring random surprises and happiness to the boring wait for flights.

Once the customer was chosen for the KLM Surprise, the team would then come up with the perfect (small) gift based on the customers various social networking profiles. The gift would then be hand delivered to the surprised customer at the airport gates.

Greeting your customers and thanking them for visiting your business after they’ve checked in is, of course, a best practice for any company using foursquare, but KLM Surprise takes it to a whole new level. The personal touch that’s exhibited through each of the interactions shows that the KLM team is really looking to make peoples days while they’re traveling, and that goes a long way to “spreading happiness”.

T-Mobile “The Rematch”

Martijn, a 39-year old carpenter attempts to bring back his football team from 1997 for a rematch of a 13-year old championship final that was then witnessed by a grand crowd of THREE people! This time he wants his entire village to be there to see him win. A dream enabled by T-Mobile Netherlands.

Live interactive billboard against agression

Public service employees in the Netherlands face aggression and violence on the streets more and more often. Onlookers unfortunately do not intervene often enough when they encounter a situation like this. A live interactive billboard in Amsterdam and Rotterdam is used to place people in a similar situation which confronts them with their inactivity.