A Can Size for Every Aussie

In 2016, Kraft commissioned a consumer and shopper research to understand consumer usage of Heinz beans and spaghetti. The research showed that Australians are now looking for ideal can sizes to suit different occasions.

So to help launch four new sizes of its Heinz baked bean cans, Kraft created a three-minute life narrative of Geoff, a man addicted to beans, and his future wife in the spaghetti department. Watch the film to see how Geoff came to invent the range of can sizes perfect for every Aussie.

Kenneth the Talking Vending Machine

Kenco Millicano’s whole bean instant coffee is the closest thing to a proper coffee from a vending machine. However people have a negative perceptions in general about drinking instant coffee from a machine. So to engage and excite people enough to want to substitute their traditional coffee shop coffee for an instant in a vending machine, Kenco Millicano along with Leo Burnett London came up with a talking vending machine. The voice for the machine was provided by comedian Mark Oxtoby, who spent a whole day in Soho Square interacting with passerby’s…

Similarly in Hong Kong, Levi’s along with ad agency TBWA came up with a talking phone booth dubbed the “Levi’s Summer Hotline”. In the booth two popular local radio hosts connected via video from a nearby Levi’s store and challenged visitors to answer questions or do crazy stunts. The crazier the stunt, the bigger the prize, which was printed out in the booth like a receipt to be redeemed at the nearby Levi’s stores. The booth got half a million people to enter and interact over a three day period, and drove sales up by 30%!

To see more examples of interactive vending machines click here.

Dinner, Not Art

Kids the world over use Kraft’s macaroni noodles to create macaroni art. To stop wastage of its noodles, Kraft along with ad agency CP+B came up with an iPad app that allowed kids to create digital macaroni art. 🙂

The special ‘Dinner, Not Art’ app [iTunes Link] also donated 10 noodles to ‘Feeding America’ for every noodle used in the kids digital art, capped at 110 million noodles. The donation program is said to run till 31.12.2012. So if you would like to participate then head over to www.DinnerNotArt.com.

Love in Action

Following the grand success of Lacta’s interactive film in November 2009…Kraft Foods and OgilvyOne Athens set out to create yet another integrated campaign for Lacta, Greece’s leading chocolate brand. This time instead of producing another love story themselves, they set out to create one with their audience.

Kraft Foods and OgilvyOne crowdsourced the 27-minute branded-entertainment film, involving the audience in everything from writing to casting and styling the actors. Some even popped up as extras in the finished film. During filming audiences were kept updated through the campaign blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.

Here is a 3 minute video case study on the same…

Then on Valentine’s day the film was aired on Greece’s top TV channel and online, with great success…

Love at first site

A first of it’s kind fully interactive movie that offers an interactive game experience, while it records visitors behavior and offers them the chance to resume it anytime they want.

Click on the above screenshot to view the interactive movie.

The concept of the movie is a prequel to the original Lacta Chocolates TV ad seen here…

Is this the beginning of a new form of branded entertainment campaigns? Kudos to OgilvyOne Athens.