#The8N8 Twitter Campaign

Wunderman Buenos Aires was given the task to launch the new Nokia N8 smart phone. So they created a twitter based activation campaign called #The8N8.

To start with, Nokia enlisted top celebrities to help tweet various questions, clues and features of the phone. Users had to then find these clues, follow the celebrity and respond to those tweets correctly in the fastest time in order to earn the celebrity follow back. The first 8 people to get 8 celebrities to follow them back won the new Nokia N8.

The campaign was successful as Nokia was able to reach 300,000 Twitter users. They also managed to increase their fan base on Twitter and Facebook by over 100%!

Nokia invents a new kind of real life gaming!

Even though Nokia has joined the Google, Apple smart phone party pretty late, they are definitely trying to do whatever it takes to innovate and catch up to their competition. So with their Nokia Push project they have tried to re-imagine snowboarding! ๐Ÿ™‚

The Nokia Push technology mixes gaming and reality with the data that you generate snowboarding on any mountain in the world! The bigger your tricks, the faster you go, the crazier the turns, the more points you score. And itโ€™s all connected through your snowboard and synced with your social life in real time, while logging your entire mountain experience online. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

In 2011, Nokia Push will be collaborating with the world’s biggest snowboarding company, Burton Snowboards, to create a new type of connected snowboarding. Work has already started between Nokia and Burton, and the collaboration will be run in the spirit of the Push project — transparently, and openly in beta. Throughout this time, regular videos will be published detailing their progress so far, and counting down to the beta launch at next year’s Burton Euro Open in January.

To learn more about Nokia Push Burton, visit https://blogs.nokia.com/pushburton.