To launch their new game Madden NFL 15, EA Sports wanted to connect with young, football-obsessed fans and grow its association with the real world NFL. Since the average football fan was watching the game with their smartphone in hand, EA teamed up with Google to allow sport fans to provoke rivals from the comfort of their own sofa and bringing trash talk into the 21st century.

Using pioneering technology, live NFL data was fused with Madden 15 game footage to generate GIF highlights for every single game. All of this was delivered via real-time ads across sports websites and apps. As a result there was an ever growing collection of GIFs that football fans could simply take, edit and share to shove in the face of their rivals.

Try it out at www.MaddenGiferator.com.


Super Bowl 2014 Ads

Super Bowl Sunday is the mecca of television advertising year after year. Advertisers on this day have a golden opportunity to create valuable brand buzz and recognition through astronomically priced 30 second television spots.

After having watched over 60 ads that used both time-tested and unconventional strategies to attract attention, I have come up with my most entertaining list… 😎

Budweiser – Puppy Love

Volkswagen – Wings

Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt – The Spill

Bud Light – Ian Up For Whatever

Heinz – If you are happy

Kia K900 – The Truth

Hyundai Genesis – Dad’s Sixth Sense

Duracell – Trust Your Power

Doritos – Time Machine

M&M’S – Delivery