The future of TV viewing

The TV viewing experience has not changed so drastically over the years. But with the development of sophisticated headsets like Microsoft HoloLens that is all set to change.

In a recently released video, Microsoft and NFL have successfully re-imagined how a Super Bowl game could be watched with multiple friends and family members…

While the video shows how immersive TV watching could get, Microsoft is not fast-tracking HoloLens for consumer consumption. For now, only developers can order HoloLens, which will ship this year. No one knows when consumers will get access to HoloLens or when scenarios like this will become a reality.

Give-A-Toy Store

One of the things that all people do during the holidays, besides real shopping, is window shopping. Storefront window displays therefore have a stronger significance during the holiday season. Keeping that in mind eBay has developed a way to make this experience from a passive experience to an interactive and engaging one.

Give-A-Toy Store is a 3D Christmas window installations that has QR code tagged toys evoking passerby’s sensitive and giving side. Scanning the QR codes from inside the eBay app, allows passerby’s to instantly donate that toy on the spot, with the window lighting up and rewarding them for the donation.

The window installation is currently available at Toys for Tots in New York (at 35th and Broadway) and San Francisco (at 117 Post St).

Additionally customers can also customize their own toys on eBay’s Facebook page. For each toy created, eBay will donate $1 (up to $50,000).