One Copy Song

Adam Tensta, a hip hop artist from Sweden remembers back in the day when one had to wait for a song to release, and then stand in line to get the new single fresh hot off the presses. So for his new single “Pass It On” he along with R/GA New York decided to bring some of that exclusivity back with a Facebook app that allowed only one person to listen to the track at a time, before it was passed to someone else.

To spread the song by word of mouth they played on peoples need to get first in line. Registered users were asked to watch, listen or tweet in order to pass 15 people in the line.

Ariel Fashion Shoot

Procter & Gamble Nordics in collaboration with Saatchi & Saatchi Stockholm, B-Reel and Atomgruppen have created an interactive campaign centered on a specially built glass installation in Stockholm Central Station, Sweden.

For one week, passers-by at Stockholm Central Station could watch designer clothes hung on a washing line being soiled by ketchup, drinking chocolate and lingonberry jam via fans on the Ariel Sweden Facebook page (or Denmark, Norway, Finland equivalents).

In order to win the designer clothes, the Ariel fans had to use a Facebook controlled industrial robot cannon to soil them. The stained clothes would then be sent in the post after being washed on-site with regular Ariel Actilift.

Don’t tag people, tag their clothes

Women are always looking for inspiration for their wardrobe and most of the time they find this inspiration by looking at other women.

This inspired agency Duval Guillaume to create a Flair Fashiontag Facebook app for Belgian women’s magazine Flair. In the app instead of tagging people, you can tag people’s clothes or accessories and ask them where they got them.

All fashiontags are displayed in a Facebook gallery, the best are published in the weekly edition of Flair. This way there is constant interaction between the facebook application and the magazine itself.